Imagine Me Mindless

Just about these 4 boys who think they're in a group called 'Mindless Behavior' Pssh....

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Where The Wild Things Are - Part 1

Its a Sunday morning. No,the Sunday morning. The morning you’ve lost sleep about, in a good way, and the morning You and Princeton have spent hours talking about. The Camping trip to the lake.

Since the boys were all at home, Princeton decided it would be good to spend some quality time together, away from the media, away from ‘Mindless Behavior’ and all the worries that came with it. You’re glad you’re all going to the lake, the same lake you and Princeton would run away to when you were much younger, to get away from the bullies and the pressures of his tough dancing and modelling job. You sit on your house step, remembering all the good times you both had there, building the tree house, fishing, making campfires and tieing up the swing…

Suddenly, you are awoken from a distant day dream by the rapping of the door. From the sillhouette of a big curly afro, you know its Prince.

Princeton: Ayee mami, open up this door! :D

You open it to his big warm arms and smile, which you eagerly jump into. You squeal and laugh as he spins you around, kissing you on your forehead and neck. It was so great to see him after 4 months. Of course, you’d seen him on TV and heard him on the radio, but it wasnt nearly the same as seeing him in person.

Princeton: You ready?

YN: Of course! I’ve lost sleep over this trip :D

Princeton: *hauls your rucksack over his shoulder and leads you to the car* Oh yeah…one thing…

YN: What? :)

You done even care what he has to say, nothing could bring you down from this high…

Princeton: Bahja’s coming :/

…except that.

YN: Whaatt?

Princeton: *turns to face you and kisses you gently and apologetically on your forehead* I know…It was a mistake. Ray brought star…star-

YN: -brought Bahja, I get it…it’s ok, we can still have a good time right?

Princeton: Of course…we’ll just play it like they didn’t even come :) just…be nice? :)

YN: I’ll give what I recieve…;)

Princeton:Oh great…let the games begin ;)